“…South Pack Solar [is] an outstanding solar energy company. Gregory Blake installed solar panels on our house on Route 51 in Sharon. He helped us along with the finances and engineering, installed the project on time, it delivered what we hoped it would and he has been quick to solve any minor problems we had. I couldn’t ask for a better small business than South Pack Solar.”

Jim Nichols, Sharon, NH
781.891.5791 • [email protected]
6.24 kw system


“Greg has been an absolute delight to deal with! I met him at a Monadnock Energy Resource Initiative meeting in March 2014. I was very impressed with both his knowledge of the business, and even more so by his easy going demeanor.  Very shortly after I contacted him for an estimate on one of my homes. He showed up promptly, explained what he was doing and how he was going to arrive at a figure and asked for info from me so he could size the project to our needs and finances.

We agreed, set a date of June 14, 2014. He was reasonable in the payment plan and the day before the install, he dropped all the materials off, explained what they were, made sure I understood the procedure etc, etc.

It was a pretty big install- 26 panels and it was all done in a day and a half! He contacted the utility company to do meter changes and suggested something to gain an even larger state rebate than I was expecting!

After 11 months I AM ECSTATIC with the results. My electric bill has gone from 180-200 a month to like $38!!!!!  With all the rebates, Federal tax credits etc, I think I will have a 5- 6 year payback. You just can’t beat that on any major investment.

You can’t go wrong with Greg Blake and South Pack Solar!”

Paul Harris, Fitzwilliam, NH
203.434.3678 • [email protected]
6.37 kw system


“As of yesterday we hit [Greg’s] original estimate of 11.3 MWh within a year. We have 6 days to spare before the anniversary of the system being approved, which means we’ll probably be closer to 11.5 in the end. Very impressive!”

Stephen Keumurian, Tyngsboro, MA
geekeurism @icloud.com
11.76 kw system


“Thank you for supporting so well our workshop at the library last Wednesday (April 22, 2015) evening. we had three amateurs and our committee of volunteers in the room, but you brought the necessary knowledge and understanding of a professional in the field. You elevated the whole program.
     Your picture, facts, and commentary capped off the evening in such a way that the audience had to leave impressed. In fact, the evening was a success to a large degree because you were willing to volunteer your time and your considerable talent to our cause.
     Thank you once again for your generous, completely uncompensated, contributions to our town and this committee. And once again we greatly appreciate your help.”

Hancock Energy Advisory Team (H.E.A.T.)
Hancock, NH